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Our Process

‍Progenium is a professional Networking service that generates quality, qualified prospects for your business.  

We attend networking events, generate contacts, cross reference your requirements with our database to identify suitable matches and generate introductions that lead to business.

We nurture relationships to ensure the time spent networking is converted into revenue. Check out our tried & tested process below!

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Onboarding & Info gathering

Our onboarding process is a vital step in ensuring our networking service meets your business needs. We take the time to understand your business and your service offering or products. We use this information to identify the right prospects for you from both our existing database and our ongoing networking.

Research & Action Plan

We create a bespoke action plan for your business, based on the information you provide at the Onboarding session and our own research into your industry and that of your targets.

Pre-Event Activity

Prior to the event we will;

  • - Research attendees where possible
  • - Reach out to potential prospects to ensure a meeting at the event
  • - Seek support from the event host to facilitate introductions

At the Networking Event

At the event we will;

  • - Engage with existing relevant contacts and meet new prospects
  • - Screen attendees for suitable matches
  • - Gather relevant information from contacts
  • - Promote your business where applicable
  • - Arrange follow-ups where appropriate

Post Event Activity

After each event we add new contacts to our database and update existing records.

3 times a month, after attending the events focused on your business needs, we will screen the new additions to the database for potential prospects for you. This includes all data added to the database since your last screening, whether we met them at one of your events or another event we attend.  

Follow Up

We have devised our follow up process, to ensure that no new connection goes cold.

We have devised our follow up process, to ensure that no new connection goes cold.

We maintain honest & open lines of communication with the prospect throughout. During this process, we will ensure the right person or decision-maker is being nurtured in order to generate the most efficient & effective relationships for you.

Potential Prospects

Once we have identified a potential prospect for you, we will arrange further discussions to;

  • - Promote your business
  • - Qualify the prospect against your requirements
  • - Confirm the prospects need for your services
  • - Maintain contact and nurture the relationship as needed
  • - Gain consent for an introduction to you as appropriate

Handover to Decision maker

Once both you and the Prospect have consented to the introduction, we effect the introduction and pass the relationship to you to secure the business. We are happy to make the introduction or, if you prefer, we can attend this meeting to ensure a smooth handover.

From Contact to Prospect

Once we have established the prospect is a good fit for your business, and are satisfied the contact is able and willing to make decisions and commitments for their business, we will check in with you to ensure you are happy for the introduction to be made.

Ongoing support

Once we have qualified the prospect and confirmed they meet your requirements we usually pass the Prospect to you to secure the business. However, if you would prefer us to make that final conversion from Prospect To Client please speak to us about our bespoke services.

We are also able to offer Client Relationship Management services to maintain contact with your clients and prospects on your behalf.  


Who we are

For more information about how we can help you and who we are, please check out our About page

Contact Us

If you want to understand more about our process or discuss our bespoke services please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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